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Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler Review

Personal steam inhalers are often recommended by the doctor to assist patients with a number of uncomfortable respiratory symptoms. They may help people suffering from conditions such as asthma, common cold, sinusitis and allergies. This device is first filled with water and when it is activated it gently heats the water in the chamber. This action produces a reliable stream of warm hydrating vapor. The inhaler is then placed below the mouth and the nose using a mask type of attachment providing a fast relief fro sinus, nasal and chest congestion. Even though these steam inhalers are a great benefit, you need to know the features of some the one you will be going for. Therefore, let us look at the Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler.



Working voltage is 120 Volts

Large breathing mask

This is unlike most steam inhalers. The mask has been enhanced to cradle the face comfortable.


This makes it convenient even when you decide to travel with it. the other good thing is that it is found over the counter so you do not need the doctor’s prescription for you to get it.

Adjustable steam output

You can adjust the steam output to the level you find it convenient for you.

Quickly boils the water

Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler quickly boils the water for a faster relief.

1 year warranty

This device has a year warranty from the manufacturer

Easy to use

Most reviewers have confessed that this particular inhaler has a thing for soft hood and ease to use. Once it is taken anywhere there is electricity, what you need to do is to turn it on and it starts to boil the water. When the indicator light shows that the unit is ready, the mask can then be brought close the face. The nose and the mouth area should be completely covered.



•             Small hence promotes easy portability

•             Easy to use

•             Easy to clean and maintain

•             Larger facemask

•             Does not use too much power


•             Some individuals have complained of the plastic parts that cannot handle too much heating


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I add essential oils?

A. According to the instructions, you are not supposed to add anything directly into the water. However, there are small and round fabric discs which you can buy that have different fragrances that fit over the water reservoir.

Q. Does it need to use a flat surface to keep it level or it can be held in one hand?

A. If it is to be held, then it needs to be held very still considering the fact that the water gets really hot and it might splash around. The best way will be to leave it on a flat surface.



With this inhaler, you not only get to enjoy an added face mask size but you also get to enjoy the aspects of portability of the device, easy to clean, and it is also very easy to use. You will also come to realize that with this inhaler, you can determine the level of steam output. Therefore, I would definitely recommend that you go for Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler.